Artist Alley

Artist Feature: Sugarskum

Known as Sugarskum, Cammy is a self-taught artist coming into their own. While being a full-time cat mom is the ideal family goal, Cammy has been creating art that connects you to the fluidity of being just a person navigating life. The colorful presence of her art tells an emotive story that is hard not to love. Take a moment and get to know Cammy, the person behind Sugarskum on social media.

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Artist Feature: Kelsey

I met Kelsey at Blerdcon in 2018, and since then, I am proud to call them my friend and the talented artist who helped bring my Faceted series of original characters to life. Their vibrant life is one I am happy to write on and hopefully encourages other young artists to follow their dreams in the way Kelsey has. Take a moment to breathe in the splendor of one of my favorite artists and now, dear friend.

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Artist Feature: Jazmine

I’m excited to present artist interview and story with Jazmine. The path that leads Jazmine to where she is now is woven together through experiences that go beyond her social media presence.

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