Dual wield Ranger - Belladonna

My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll find this guide swinging around my posts about my adventures in the city and more. 

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Empress and Her City: Road to Quirkcon

I did end up meeting a lot of people and while I didn't toss my card like dollar bills out. I think the conversation held a lasting impression and gave me a light into the type of quirky nerd I want to be and experience. Finding inclusive spaces that allow you to express your love of something is important. Making a choice to attend Quirkcon was the right direction in that regard.

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Empress & her City: Snotgirl at Blerdcon

All things 2018 Blerdcon & the Jadedisland Experience. Tag cosplayers or artists if you recognize them so I can share the feature.

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Empress in her City: Casual Business at Awesome Con

"What I never expected, was how much social aggressiveness was needed to survive this whirlwind of people with gigantic fake weapons and kids freaking out seeing a Jedi Master in ugg boots"

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