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My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll find this guide swinging around my posts about my adventures in the city and more. 

Empress in her City: Omani Folktales

I'm now convinced that the dorky thing I do during interviews is have an uncontrollable eye twitch or spasm. I am fully convinced it makes me look deranged and potentially undesirable in a business setting. Remaining optimistic despite the gruelling hours applying to jobs, attending interviews, and knowing where I should be is difficult to swallow every morning. I won't say its easy. One of my biggest issues internally is my tendency to compare my progress to that of my peers. It drives me insane, and I often wonder if I will ever succeed or get anywhere in life. That's when life really hits me. In some of my darkest moments, I'm greeted with just enough light, to pull me away from the dark storms within me. 

In this instance, after my interview in DC, i was distraught that once again another opportunity might be lost under the curse of my eye spasm. I was fortunate that after the interview I was not alone in the city, questioning my worth or seeking asylum in the voice of unsatisfied pride. In those seconds once I left the elevator and stepped back into the hustle of D.C. I didn't have the time to reevaluate myself. Someone was waiting for me by a tiny Dunkin Donuts and I didn't have the time to wallow and question my existence or purpose. 

February 28th, 2018:

When I met with my Aquarius (as I fondly refer to them for privacy and their personal security) he rushed in and bought me my very much needed medium coffee with 10 sugars. That first sip slipped into my body like a dark caress. A small pleasure in life, but a much-needed catalyst to a better day. We walked to get lunch, at a place I took a quick liking to named The Rice Bar. The Korean cuisine and endless variations for rice bowls delighted me. While I was intrigued by the various veggies I could top my rice with, I was more curious about "Black Rice". I was told this rice was enriched with protein, but I was shy and stuck to my white rice. As a foolish mortal, I've come to regret that choice, but my Aquarius gave me some of his. Next time i'll be making the better choice. Trying something new doesn't always mean big drastic life choices, it can also mean taking a bite out of new food! 


Rice Bar

White Rice, Asparagus, Broccoli, Beef, Edamame, and terrayaki sauce  


While I could wax on about my day in D.C. I think a fundamental moment of any writers life is the crucial collision of culture and story. Museums, art exhibits, and any other visual representation of culture and humanity intrigue me. The art of storytelling and engaging humanity in this format is my dream. So when I stumbled across the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, and the exhibit and library on Omani history I came across a literary treasure. My brief insight into their way of life and their culture was not nearly enough to satisfy my academic appetites. Although I felt that no amount of exhibit and displays would truly tell me about the life lived in Oman. 


My inquiry into the lifestyle of the Omani people was unmet in my brief glimpse at the exhibit. However, upon interacting with the library that featured a collection of more than 2,000 books I left smiling. It is through active interaction I learn best, at least that's what I tell myself. So upon entering the library and greeted by the librarian I asked to read a collection of folktales. The librarian told me I could borrow books if I wanted! Can you imagine the depth of temptation I had to check out a few books! I was thrilled and devious like a proper bookworm, but my reality hit me. There was no guarantee I could return the book on time and make the trip to D.C. like i did anytime soon. I smiled and politely refused as my heart broke, knowing I already had library materials at home waiting for my eyes to devour their stories. Once a bookworm, you just get greedy with your literary collection. 

In my experience and understanding of stories, the best way to experience the way of life, and meaning from culture to culture is through the stories we tell children. All across the world, we tell stories to our children in various ways and for various reasons. In these stories, we embed our way of life, our morals, our beliefs, and our hidden truths. It is a part of my dream to hear or see the stories across the world, and experience the world not only in person but through the stories of the writers and storytellers before me. So I invite those who experience my little jadedisland to seek out the world and share it the way folktales are. Reading stories for children might seem silly, but in that format, I think understanding the story is easier than a memoir and a good stepping stone towards your next academic pursuit.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed my experience and thoughts,

Empress Jade