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My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Empress in her City: Grapes and Goddesses

Have you ever felt that no matter how low you feel when a friend is in need you'll summon cosmic energy just to help them? The power of friendship, love, and shared introvert tendencies is a powerful sight to behold. Its the magical girl quality of me and my friends that I treasure the most. In the face of a social event with a chance of confrontation, and demons against the goddess year mentality of myself and Afrocutie we prepared to be fabulous and cosmically fierce. 

Despite the wariness of confronting ex-friends and newly dubbed foes, the bravery of a fellow introvert stepping up to the plate is admirable. Truly an inspiration and a shining example of taking charge in this self-declared goddess year. Sometimes the people in my life underestimate their progress, and how inspirational they truly are. Don't be ashamed to gas up your friends! This is the difference between facing your mutual foes looking like a sitcom or facing your foes and looking like Goddesses of chaos. Let me tell you, having an aesthetic is the epitome of creativity. Aesthetic is not lacking in all of my friends, but enough about my muses that I am happy to have as friends lets talk about Art Exhibits and Gray Demons. 



Afrocutie & Jadedisland

March 10th, 2018:

Through feverish but fabulous looks, Afrocutie and I traveled through the windy backwoods of Maryland to attend an Art Exhibit. The road was treacherous and long and full of my playlist and promises to not be chaotic evil at the exhibit. While gazing at the lovely countryside of Maryland and wondering if we were going to live a real life Get Out scenario. We are too cute for that and agreed if they want our organs that they can just take them. Despite our colorful conversation and momentary struggles to find parking when we finally arrived at the venue, we both internally prepared for what might occur while traversing the art exhibit.

Upon our arrival and mix up with the entrance, we finally arrived. Our debut was ready and our aesthetic unmatched, and glorious. Upon signing in, I barely wrote the ending of my email were we greeted by the foe we were prepping for weeks in advance. My mortal combat mentality was screaming in my mind to Finish her! The evil villain inside of me was prepping to wag her tail and take a swipe while our foe offered a backwash ridden cup of wine to my friend. Little did I know, Afrocutie was composed, calm, and regal in the first facedown of the exhibit. I wanted to clap and cheer as we pushed past and continued on our way into the lively event. After quick introductions to Afrocuties classmates, and peers we finally took a dive to the snack bar and prepared to immerse ourselves in the Art exhibit. 

"The Spirits of Ink & Color" - Yifei Gan's Chinese Painting Solo Exhibition 

Magical Girl meets Art Exhibit

Magical Girl meets Art Exhibit

One aspect of the exhibit that I really enjoyed, was seeing the artists genuine joy in seeing his students attend his exhibit. While I was certainly an outsider and casual spectator I did feel his joy and delight at seeing his students support his work. Having a mentor as multifaceted and renown is a blessing, and one I am graced to have experienced. I miss my favorite photographer, artist, and collage extraordinaire teacher from upstate New York. Seeing this artist inspire his students, reminded me of how inspiring she is for my work as a writer and artist. 

Walking through the exhibit and exploring traditional Chinese styles in ink is a compelling experience. I kept gravitating towards the artists' rendition of grapes. It might be that I was influenced by wine and Dionysus but something about those grapes kept pulling me back to take a glace. Upon meeting a fellow artist, and friend of Afrocuties' who photographing the event I figured out what kept drawing me to obsess over those grapes. He noted the grapes weren't fresh. It was something simple, that really captured my attention. He was right. Looking at the grapes again I realized the grapes were not fresh or presented in a way that was mouth watering. Yet each time I looked, it felt like time itself was presented in the ink. I was mesmerized. Why did he choose to depict the grapes like this? The weathered grapes, made me examine how I view beauty and life as a whole. The grapes left out, while dark and gloomy in color still felt equally beautiful. Perhaps it was a comment on the beauty of life, and its process in all things. Beauty in weathered, and beauty in weary. 


The Shy Poet: 

While dazzling myself with a high-level intake of wine, Afrocutie and I sat aside after taking a walk around the gallery. I suppose while waiting for one more friend to appear we had nothing but time to comment on the event and the undercurrent of tension in the exhibit. We had made it through the awkwardness and truly enjoyed the exhibit to the fullest. So, classic Jade enjoyed a little wine buzz. While sitting and observing others walking the gallery, a shy spectator nodded and asked if we both were students of the exhibit. I answered politely saying only one of us was and noting how nervous and perhaps standoffish this peculiar man was invited him to sit with us. Sometimes my sense about things tends to encourage a social recklessness that might be alarming to others but actually works more in my favor. In this instance, it was actually a peaceful blessing. 

My strange acquaintance and I got to talking while Afrocutie went to take pictures with her classmates. Turns out while he might have been older we had something very important in common. We both wrote poetry. He told me briefly how sometimes when he passed something exquisite he would stop to write about it on his phone. I had to chuckle, as I told him tales about a favorite teacher of mine encouraging me long ago to go to museums and galleries and using what I see as a prompt for poetry. He really admired that concept but was worried it would be overwhelming for him to go somewhere with the intention of writing. I explained its not necessarily a writing exercise that is meant to be shared but more for the writer to connect to their environment and pull inspiration from it. At some point, the conversation led to me reading a poem of his, and him reading some of mine. 

I never anticipate how important some instances in my life will be, and meeting this shy poet was crucial. It was the type of experience that humbles you. I was reminded of the gentleness of poetry, that often in my anger or other exaggerated emotions i forget. Reading his poem, was a balm to my weary soul. Hearing that he liked my work, was just as spiritually forgiving. I am blessed to encounter souls like his, and hope one day we meet again in the world of art, poetry, and muses. 

Gather your wine, and feel inspired each day. I hope you enjoyed my experience of Art, demon foes, and fabulous aesthetics, - Empress Jade

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