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Empress and Her City: Quirkcon Day Two


Empress and Her City: Quirkcon Day Two

Durham day two started out with tightening the corset strings and dawning my lamb ears. I had a long night with Anime and trap music and late-night cartoons at Quirkcon. Watching Danny Phantom reminded me how much I missed Saturday cartoons. I attended two panels one being on writing and the other for DC Kawaii Style. Today was the big photo hoot day where you’ll catch my cute lookbook talking about, because the unicorn lounge was the best photo zone. Sunday was sadly the last day at Quirkcon, and I knew I needed to hit the vendor hall.

Quirky Vendors:

For its first time, I think Quirkcon had an amazing vending hall. The diversity of types of people there really encouraged how versatile being "quirky" is. There are some of the sights of what was in the vendor hall!


Kawaii Empowerment with DC Kawaii Style:

Surprise! DC Kawaii style had a panel on kawaii empowerment. This is something that, as a community, we focus on in our meetings. Presenting this topic was fun. Getting the one on one experience with DC Kawaii style encourages interest in jfashion and the cult of cute. The event recap can be found here if you want to read more about us. I love that our community holds diversity in styles and encourages exploration. Allowing that diversity to empower ourselves and one another is one of the benefits of this panel. Plus we got to practice before our next con.

Kawaii Lunch:


We got to have a family lunch in the hotel lobby. All of the kawaii people at quirkcon were at one spot. Momo Pixels stopped by and suggested we run a  Harajuku scene at Quirkcon. I'm hoping that it is in the works. I liked the homey feeling of eating lunch with my kawaii family, even if it's oily and a little lacking in seasoning. Actually, my food experiences in Durham were not significant. Still its the memory of a kawaii family gathering i take home with me.

Quirkcon Wrap up:

With the conference ending, I felt delighted with how the weekend went. I mean, I met some heroes of mine. The fact I had the opportunity to do that in itself is a gift that keeps giving. I learned an immense amount of wisdom from the panels on Saturday. I also got to hang out with my friends in another state. Picking out what I loved most about quirkcon would be hard to do. The environment was socially intimate, making engaging with others more comfortable. I felt that in this space, it felt more at home and more relaxed to navigate networking and enjoying the experience. The only improvements I would look for in the next year are programming organization, more alternative styles to have a presence in the program, and for the app to be incorporated more. I like the idea behind the quirkcon app, but it has a long way to go to be a central part of making quirky connections work.

I would love to do programming for writers and Harajuku fashion at quirkcon. I think a spoken word event or fashion show would be delightful. Especially if they incorporate afro-futurism, street styles, vintage, and jfashion. Cosplay content was very heavily present at the conference and only needs some structural cleaning up. The cosplay awards were really cool, but with some many people not in attendance, it was hard to connect to the spirit of the event. Hopefully, the cosplay contest will only hold people who are actually attending the conference. Otherwise, everything was a blast, minor inconveniences were just first time hiccups that are easily forgivable and don't take away from the event. Will you see me next year? Hopefully and who knows I might try my hand at interviewing the people behind the wonders of quirkcon.