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Empress and Her City: Quirkcon Day One


North Carolina is extremely bright, and not as humid and sticky like Maryland. This a good thing! Settling into North Carolina was excellent thanks to family and friends of Roxi! I had a blast getting to know my North Carolina friends. I don't get to travel south too often so having the opportunity to meet friends out of state is a big win! You can catch my lookbook for the first day here. Otherwise lets rock and roll on my first day at Quirkcon.

Seeing that Quirkcon is new, I didn't know what to expect. For one, I was curious why they marketed as a "quirky conference" and what that would feel like as a quirky black femme. When we grabbed our badges, I walked down the hallway of the Durham Convention center, and it was a hallway with marked rooms and quirky people wandering. I was grateful it was a smaller space. My experience of cons is limited. So having the chance to experience this one is another adventure in my docket. I felt welcomed, excited, and nervous all into one but enough about that. Let's talk about the panels, the people, and the experience. 

Grown A** Self Care For Your Quirky Life:

The first panel of the day was very much needed. I started my Quirkcon experience with the right panel choice for my entire life and personal development. That's right this panel was on self-care and came from a fellow student of psychology, so you know its legit. It be your own people that set you straight down the proper path. I loved how engaging this panel was, and that the panelist went over the time to make sure we got this vital information.

The Art Of Gaming With Momo Pixel and TJ Hughes:

I GOT TO SEE MOMO PIXELS. Let me repeat it. I GOT TO MEET MOMO PIXELS. Her panel with TJ Hughes is where I first started to question about how success can come about and what to do with it. I learned a lot about developing creative projects and marketing. Hearing their stories and what built their success felt so real. It is rare to engage with successful entrepreneurs. I loved how TJ talked about his obsession with food leading to his game, and how simple the marketing took off. That type of joy and care for what one can love is precious. It made me think about how Black people are sometimes not allowed the space to be precious, but Momo and TJ definitely made that space.

Diary Of An Alt Black Girl with Drew Disaster:

I love how honest and genuine Drew Disaster is. She's also just quirky black girl magic goals. While it was my first time interacting with her and her content, I can say without a doubt, meeting her left a positive impression. Only moments after meeting her and attending her panel, I hit that instantly follow. She spoke about mental health, the pressures to produce content, and her life as a quirky girl finding self-love and community. I was in awe that she was so open about these issues, and also mad I've never seen her on YouTube before. I must live under a rock. I did get a chance to interact with her one on one, and honestly, I hope I get the opportunity to again.

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Miles Jai, Hippy Potter, and Dev Doe:


I got to meet one of my internet heroes and then added two more people to that list. ONE I CANNOT BELIEVE I MET MILES JAI. I've been following them for quite some time and still find myself in awe of having the chance to get a photo! I loved how engaging the panel featuring these creatives was. It showed that art can be limitless and that even when producing content having these people to people moments encourage so many to continue doing their craft. Hippy Potter and his Black boy joy shared his love of dancing and music. Dev Doe shared their success being on the hit show Pose and loving their Femme explorations and preentations. My favorite line from Dev, "I'm just Femme" as a response to having nerdy hobbies or interests. I felt that realness and loved hearing about the next level of social media impact.

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DC Kawaii Style: ZA RAMEN TRAP

As always, any family gathering is sure to be a hoot! In this case, family dinner took an instant cup of noodles surprise. We went out to eat a local ramen shop and were seated upstairs. We were all duped with high priced but not high-quality food. When I saw my friends get their bowls of ramen, and witnessed them twirl what looked like angel hair pasta in lightly colored water, I was shook. When I tasted it, and recalled the taste of Cup of Noodles in college heavily, with no spice, my tummy wept. I cannot believe this food experience happened, but also I'm glad that this silly memory is something I don't have alone. All I can is North Carolina needs seasoning as soon as possible.

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