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The dual wield ranger is the part of me that seeks adventure, the pink knight. Inspired by my great nerdy love for Arthurian legends and quest filled literature the knight is my classy side. However, adorned in ruffles and raunchy boutique this femininity has a bite. As curious as i am about the world, this writing voice springs from the quest of the heart, "Freedom". My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Empress and Her City: Katsucon Day Two

I definitely feel that Katsucon was more than anything a visual experience of a lifetime. However as my first full con weekend and with much reflection there is a lot I learned, experienced and can reflect on from this three day adventure. So lets dive on in to this mini series of my time at Katsucon. If you enjoy my post, have questions or comments feel free to contact me or comment below. My full Lookbook for this weekend is also posted under my magical girl side of Jadedisland.



DC Kawaii Style: 



On the second day of Katsucon, I made sure to attend more panels (Even though I only went to two)!  I felt super sorry I missed the Afro Kawaii Panel run by DC Kawaii Style in Black History Month. This type of behavior unacceptable and my Afro Kawaii Card and VIP membership should be REVOKED effective immediately. Anyway, the panel I attended by DC Kawaii Style, was the “Intro into Kawaii Fashion.” You must be questioning, why I a Prima Donna would attend an intro panel. Well Kawaii class, I’m the new kid with no real style direction under an umbrella of cute that I cannot honestly pinpoint myself under. This means, I always have room to learn and explore more.

Seeing the lovely faces of my community really did brighten my day! I was happy to see them for the first time in 2019. Winter really hounded me into staying home from meets. Anyway, my whims and love for my kawaii community aside there was one question proposed at the end of the panel that lingered with me. “What does dressing in Kawaii fashion mean to you?” Looking back I wish I had raised my hand to answer. I felt this was the type of answer that would spark more people to pursue Kawaii writers. When Imani (Ipukekawaii) asked this question, I had the Doki Doki moment that made me realize why I dress the way I do. Want to know how I felt? Well, this is when I turn you over to the accompanying Lookbook to explore my reflection on Kawaii reflection.


After the group photo to celebrate the joy of this panel and everyone’s love for Kawaii fashion I encountered the best damn marketing strategy I’ve seen in a while. This Lolita was handing out flyers saying that they were trying to grow their Instagram with this giveaway. Wide-eyed I accepted the flyer and was just in shock of the boldness and genius marketing. I should never be surprised, with kawaii fashion comes a significant amount of bold. It was a wholesome experience seeing my kawaii community share their love of kawaii style and be authentic. It's part of why I hold them all so dearly in my heart. The best pink energy comes from the joy and fun I have with the community.

Get Involved with DC Kawaii Style

Gyaru me up Be Wild and Be Sexy:


Right after my first panel with DC Kawaii Style, I stayed right where I was to get some knowledge on the Gyaru style which was run by the Gyaru Circle 109 Degrees. In general, I never know what to honestly expect with attending any panel outside of the potential topic, but as soon as the panelist got up in front and started sharing their Coords and style, I was HIP to the movement and ready to learn. One of the greatest things about this panel beside the energy was the genuine love that this circle had for Gyaru.

I kid you not I learned so much from 109 Degrees, I’m still processing to this day! They dispelled a lot of misconceptions and really went into what Gyaru is and its history. My second favorite part of this panel was when the circle got hands down real about the Gyaru tea. Now the brew was piping hot, but I feel like I caught up on years of information and Gyaru drama. However, this didn’t dissuade me from the style and lifestyle. Instead, I found that the panelist honesty and bluntness about the Gyaru style was the type of forthright that makes a future member. It's endearing to understand both sides of the coin, instead of just one side.

My favorite part of this panel was the cutest video of Gyaru from all over the world sharing their love of the style in a video just for this Katsucon panel. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below. Anyone who says Gyaru isn’t kawaii can fight me after this video.

109 Degrees Facebook & Group

Gyaru Amino

Artist Alley Spotlight: StarlightDecoDream

I came across a kawaii gem! While jumping from artist to artist, I found another designer that makes kawaii jewelry and clips! I’m highlighting this artist because when it came to presentation this table WON on all fronts. As my mom says, “The Customer Service is the deal breaker.” First things first, the visuals were a kawaii dream, and the options had me sweating about how little coinage I had. My inner weeb went immediately for the “waifu” necklace. One for the culture friends. Anyway, I’m delighted at the gems I found here, and I hope to be a regular patron for sure! Seriously once they gave me a shopping basket to browse for items, I was SHOOK. I’m telling you it was mind-boggling to be treated so well when I often am ignored at artist tables and by vendors. It left an impression I won’t easily forget.



J-Fashion Showcase Featured Designer:



If you are still here with me, God Bless. Can you blame me for writing so much? Day two was way more hectic in comparison to day one. So right after the Gyaru panel, I headed to the showroom to get ready to change for the fashion show. This being the day of the fashion show I had been a bundle of pink nerves anxious about how I would do and what could go wrong. Would I trip? Would I be late getting dressed (and yes I showed up early still thinking I was going be late)? I ran through about a thousand scenarios up until the show itself.


When the doors opened to the dressing room, we strolled in picking our spot like lionesses getting kawaii territory. I plopped down the suitcase that was packed with Un-Re Design accessories and some other goodies I picked up at the convention. While getting dressed, I plopped the case down and offered the kawaii treasure up to my fellow models. It was honestly kind of wholesome getting dressed in a kawaii style with others. It might be weird, but it was the type of squad moment I wish I had a little more of. I think a part of this was seeing how much work Sharifa put into this show and how much support she received from her family. It’s the type of inspiration that reminds you to give more care and support to your fellow creatives of color, cause seeing them flourish is a gift like no other.

As I set my makeup, taking in big breaths to keep calm, I took some time to recharge just a little. As I was getting dressed it was really a surreal moment to be walking for someone to showcase their brand and take kawaii to the stage. I was about to open up a show and present some pink energy.

Photo Cred:  David

Photo Cred: David

SHOWTIME: I’m blessed that my Aquarius was in the audience to send me pink energy on stage from afar cause I needed it. When I waited in line for the music to queue up, I kept taking breaths like a proper asthmatic gearing up my ninjutsu for this show. Music played, and I stepped up. In all my scenarios, you know what I didn’t picture? A wardrobe malfunctions. My straps fell. Keeping my composure during my kawaii panic attack I followed the arrows, but instinct compelled me to fix my visual appearance. Well. I felt I could have done better but the show was still amazing and an experience I won’t forget. I might try it again, I need the courage to be bolder.

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