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Empress and Her City: Katsucon Day One


I definitely feel that Katsucon was more than anything a visual experience of a lifetime. However as my first full con weekend and with much reflection there is a lot I learned, experienced and can reflect on from this three day adventure. So lets dive on in to this mini series of my time at Katsucon. If you enjoy my post, have questions or comments feel free to contact me or comment below. My full Lookbook for this weekend is also posted under my magical girl side of Jadedisland.

Katsucon Day 1 Highlights:

  • Living Doll Makeup Panel

  • Pawstar trapped me

  • Artist Alley -Sugary Symbiote

  • Jfashion Show Prep

  • Pizza Virginia inspired is nasty

  • Katsucon Day One LookBook


Living Doll Make Up Live: Toshi Salvino

Dollfille: Instagram - Facebook

When I say I was hype. I was hype. I was so nervous about being late and missing this panel that my anxiety was crazy arriving at the hotel 10 minutes before it started. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Did it matter that I took two hours to get ready? Absolutely not, I was just extremely pressed to get there and not miss this opportunity. As we arrived into the convention center I looked around towards cosplayers and J-fashion people alike. As we ascended upstairs to attend the Living Art Doll Live Make-up Lesson by Dollfille I knew I was officially here.

Dollfille:  Instagram  -  Facebook

Dollfille: Instagram - Facebook

Awkward of course was the first sensory and word experience I had at this panel. Not because of Dollfille, no but because sitting down and out of breath was met was a peculiar turn of phrase. I asked the lovely dressed gothic Lolita if anyone was sitting there, “Not yet”. So, we moved to sit in the next row, and she repeated herself. Then it clicked, oh she meant we could sit there. I had to chuckle language is such a fun thing, but I was there to see art.

When Toshi came on stage, I was just breathless. She was real and unreal and it was amazing to see someone’s face change in such an artful way. She was also just fun! Her explanations and suggestions were insightful and extremely informative. When it came down to asking questions I was nervous like shit! I was like do I ask the question burning in my mind about black people being represented as living Dolls or is that too aggressive as a question. I juggled between nervousness and my inner kawaii journalism and need to know about representation for people of color in alternative spaces. Eventually I went up.

Dollfille:  Instagram  -  Facebook

Dollfille: Instagram - Facebook

I stepped up to the microphone and decided to ask a different question, one more personal to me and my own struggles with femininity and beauty standards. Toshi surprised me saying I was cute, as I asked what I could do for makeup since wearing glasses blocks off a big portion of my face. Her answer surprised me, and was extremely helpful. She told me to do more color on my lips, brows, and cheeks and even to try décor on my glasses. I felt such joy that all was not lost for me in the beauty and make up world. Honestly Toshi’s answer gave me hope, that I wouldn’t lack in kawaii for makeup in my coords. That changed everything for me, and I genuinely thank her for her advice and kindness towards that question. I'll skip the part when someone pushed me aside to be next to her in the group photo...cause that was a green haired mess. 

After the panel and big group photo, I stuck around happy to interact with some beautiful people! It’s always fun to talk style and meet people as creative in persona like me. I was blessed to see some people I recognized from the Black J-Fashion group on facebook too! You already know I was hype to grab a photo, even though I myself forgot to be in it. I had a chance to speak with Toshi one on one about people of color in alternative style communities. She told me about her friends which are primarily a mixed group of people and how she wants more inclusivity and I was just like: YES. 1000%

It was great to feel that was ally ship for my fellow people of color with Toshi and not only that but her view showed me she was genuine. I asked her if it was possible to be a living doll when one doesn’t have porcelain skin, and she told me it was absolutely possible. “Color works differently on darker skin and its beautiful to see” she said and I felt that. With all the hate towards Black Femmes wearing vibrant colors or pastels I understood that the interpretation of color was still limited in alternative spaces. Hopefully, one day me and my friends will break those molds, be accepted and received well as we show our creativity in alternative styles globally.

Members from  Black J-fashoinista  Facebook Community Sparkling

Members from Black J-fashoinista Facebook Community Sparkling


Pawstar Trapped Me:

Ok. First let me put it on record that my Partner opened the floodgates to this fox eared mayhem that is me. Second I did not anticipate that Day 2, my outfit would trend and be shared so much. Anyway after the panel, we headed of to Merchant alley. At the time I was wearing my favorite giant button Faux Fur coat and as we walked by the Pawstar vendor I was like, damn maybe I could find a matching set for my coat. I did not. So my Cheshire dreams are on hold, but I took a quick liking to some pink ears and tail and that was the beginning of the end. Let me tell you, friends and family dragged me alike for having ears and a tail but I was cute as shit and regret nothing. I have always wanted ears and a tail because I enjoy costuming and character creation. Plus I have a fox like quality within my facets. Will I explore that style, perhaps but for now let me suffer tail envy and enjoy how fun ears are.

Artist Alley Feature: Sugary Symbiote

If you’re keeping up with my magical girl adventures on my blog you might have noted my interests in Yami-kawaii. There is one artist that I’ve been following for quite some time and I actually got to meet her! She’s an artist I’ve been religiously following for a few months and I was so excited to buy prints from her. She is also just adorable and kawaii as hell. Her art is exactly the intention I envision for my future coords, and speaks to me poetically. If you haven’t checked her work out do so please!

You’re the Lollipop Leader Jade:

I may not be a Hogwarts attendee or even a wizard, but I for damn sure modeled for Sweet Bitz for the fashion show on Saturday. I was nervous going to the rehearsal because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Surprised to arrive first from the line up of models, I was able to rest my feet and enjoy some time to think about the show. I might take some banging pictures but modeling as in the runway was new to me. Sharifa, designer and creator of Sweet Bitz handed me this giant lollipop and I started to practice walking with it. With my tiny hands that lollipop was heavy! Anyway, Sharifa surprised me by announcing that I was opening the show. I was shook.  

ME? OPEN? NANI? *speaks in gibberish* I was taken aback, my eyes could not get wider. Sure, I can walk, but to start? I just about had a pink energy heart attack. Still, Sharifa our fearless kawaii leader told me I represent the brand well and that I could open up the show with pink energy. Ooo boi. Heart attack kawaii style. This was just day one. Tomorrow would be the big day. 

Today’s Eats: Nando’s Peri Peri