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The dual wield ranger is the part of me that seeks adventure, the pink knight. Inspired by my great nerdy love for Arthurian legends and quest filled literature the knight is my classy side. However, adorned in ruffles and raunchy boutique this femininity has a bite. As curious as i am about the world, this writing voice springs from the quest of the heart, "Freedom". My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll find this guide swinging around my posts about my adventures in the city and more. 

Empress and Her City: Boston Art with Drinks


Boston, a transient city, filled with an extreme amount of progressive moments and statements, art, and churches every 5 steps. Where do I begin on telling you my experience in Boston as I visited my favorite Sagittarius and his new city? This trip was riddled in gin, art, and African American Heritage. I had a chance to do something big in February, and I’m glad I went. First, let me tell you about the Demon on Greyhound.

Demon on Greyhound:

Now, this trip started with a long lyft ride to Baltimore, and the radio selection featured Leukemia awareness. Typical to Jade fashion, I always get my on-cue travel anxiety and run through a bazillion scenarios about what would go wrong, but every time I forget one import factor. Humanity is chaotically a mess. Why I ignore this as someone who is fluidly chaotic good and chaotic bad is wild. If you’re thinking that my before I even got there commentary is a little extensive its because it twas an experience. When I finally made it the bus station and sat down at a window seat, I thought it was safe. Well, scratch that idea cause no sooner than one minute away from departure. I hear yelling and scripture? I look around for the source and low and behold someone is yelling at our bus driver and has kids. Eventually, things calm down and the lady and her kids, and as she walks down the aisle, I hear her callback to the driver, “I rebuke the demon in you.” I have a silent gasp because it has been many a church-less Sundays since I’ve heard that phrase, and while it sounds Christian and confronting its also just really catty and petty in a spiritual way.

It did not get better. Five minutes past departure time, the bus driver is giving his spiel. He tells us it’s a brand-new bus, so don’t even have our bags on the seats. I think to myself, “Damn this is a little too serious for a bus morning ride.” We finally depart, damn it felt like forever in a ten-minute spectacle. On the road of stress, I thought it would be a smooth ride. IT WAS NOT. When the bus pulled over, I thought, “oh god is it gonna be jeepers creepers.” Instead, it was our bus driver getting pulled over by DELAWARE POLICE. I thought it could not get any crazier, but then the lady in the back started church in the back seat. She said “Lord do your work and protect your prophet from harm” I look back like, damn there are others on this bus to protect?! Anyway even after all the nonsense I eventually made it to BOSTON. We were almost an hour late, but you know what.... at least I’m not in Delaware.


What I can appreciate about my closest friends is how we can go to museums, galleries, and have an intellectual conversation and just be a hot mess at club hours. Anyway dearest friend, Mr. Spectacles (for the sake of privacy) took us all around to some Historical sights for African American History, Boston Public Library, and an art gallery. Ze tour was riddled with classy boots and Boston cold.

The Fredrick Douglas exhibit was fascinating, and surprisingly sponsored by Bank of America? Who knew that banks cared about black people?! Was that bitter? Anyway, The museum featured portraits of Fredrick and all the captured images of him in his time. He was one of the most photographed men at that time. His regal elegance and portrait mystique surprised people to the point they kept taking pictures. While I enjoyed the exhibit, I had to question why as a people we are taken in for our physical appearance. The idea that people are surprised that we can be beautiful, and elegant historically up onto present day can be mind-boggling. Still, Fredrick Douglas for all his work and contributions to history deserves exhibits. Even if it is funded by banks.

Another stop on my tour through Boston was at a gallery that featured powerful artwork by descendants of Native Americans. Each piece brought forth history, story, and heritage and it blew me away. Typical to jade fashion, my favorite piece was one of the saddest, but I loved how powerful the image was to experience. If you ever get the chance read more on Native American History and for the love of all things story driven…Pocahontas the Disney rendition is not accurate, and that story is not cute. I will further expound on a later date when I’m ready to drag Disney and my old high school orchestra teacher.

Last but not least, the Boston Public Library. An experience to hold in my heart for Bookworm culture. I was swept up into giant Lion statues and the historical significance in this magnificent building. Browsing through books and walking among books always brings me joy.


The Big H:

I had the immense privilege of walking around Harvard like I attended the school! With some iconic photography from my dearest friends, I had a dull hoot. We started referring to Harvard as “The Big H” only because its such a grand school?! I am being sarcastic of course. Still, it was really quaint to walk among the privileged and the expenses of this campus. This school had a lot of tours. I mean I thought my college was bustling was strangers, but this school took “open campus” to a different level. I didn’t get to visit any of the academic buildings on the inside, but we were on an art schedule I didn’t need war flashbacks to my undergrad. My favorite bit was this random overly detailed statue outside their gym. I mean that much attention to detail… has me questioning all my art choices.


We followed up this venture with later visiting the gift shop. Gentlefolk, THE EXPENSE. I wanted a sweatshirt just to flex back home, but at those prices, I should just attend the school instead. I liked the giant “H,” but I did not like the very popular slave catching hats they were selling. Uncomfortable during black history month Harvard marketing team. I loved that as our culture and economy changes school spirit changes to reflect that somewhat but at the same time inflate prices for the memory. You’ll see mimics of Kanye West Hole ridden style with Harvard logos. Yoga pants that don’t have the Harvard logo in the right places, but they tried. My favorite was the windbreakers that were as gossamer as fairy tales for the price of my soul with no coupons. I’ll leave my money with Amazon if I want Harvard gear.

Jacob Banks, Oscars, and Drinks:


Finally, the big thing besides seeing my bestie from college was seeing Jacob Banks. I know third time is the charm and seeing him again with the two people who I saw him for the first time with was magical! I can wax on about how much I love his music but honestly just go listen to him! It's an experience. On top of my art viewing and hopping around historical sites I enjoyed plenty of drinks, and for a while, it was nice to not think about work or worry about deadlines. We ended up going to an Oscar viewing party, which is new for me. I didn't grow up watching the Oscars. I was surprised many glasses of winter sangria later to win the best-dressed award.

I had written on facebook " Went to an Oscar viewing party in Boston thinking I wouldn’t slay if other women were wearing prom dresses for the mini awards. Universe caught my crown before I let it slip as the announcer said: “miss pink wins for best-dressed female.”

I was genuinely shocked to see that while I felt I was not dressed in a female Oscar worthy way that I won. It was the boost much needed for my drunk, sad self. I liked that this trip was a swirl of taste, sight, and sound. I hope to return to Boston and experience more of their progressive city.

I look drunk as shit…..

I look drunk as shit…..

Scenes from Boston:

Jacob Banks

Listen to his Soul