Dual wield Ranger - Belladonna

My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll find this guide swinging around my posts about my adventures in the city and more. 

Posts in Mentality
Empress and Her City: Pusheen vs Diamondhead

Seeing Diamondhead, in all of its glory was surreal. This mountainous being was beautiful. I mean the coloring of the rocks, the depth of history etched into the chemical makeup of these rocks startled me. It makes me think about how our history is etched into the foundations of Earth.

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Empress and Her City: A March for Black Women

My Reflections from the March for Black Women: “I encourage you to also reflect on how you handle Black Femmes who are emoting and processing trauma in your life, do you dismiss them or do you listen? “

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