A Kawaii Memoir


Empress and Her City: A March for Black Women

My Reflections from the March for Black Women: “I encourage you to also reflect on how you handle Black Femmes who are emoting and processing trauma in your life, do you dismiss them or do you listen? “

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Empress in her City: Afrochumps and the Afropunk Exposure

TAG & Share. Call this a roast, helpful suggestions, or perhaps a lesson for a brand marketing as a beautiful inclusive community, but what I'm about to share uninhibited is my experience as a volunteer for Afropunk.

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Empress & her City: Snotgirl at Blerdcon

All things 2018 Blerdcon & the Jadedisland Experience. Tag cosplayers or artists if you recognize them so I can share the feature.

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Empress in her City: Baltimore Block Party

The Baltimore heat. Heated with bodies, jerk chicken seasoning, and questionable lollipops. What a venture.

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Empress in her City: Capital Pride

This year there were definite differences in my experience that made Capital Pride feel lost. 

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Empress in her City: Casual Business at Awesome Con

"What I never expected, was how much social aggressiveness was needed to survive this whirlwind of people with gigantic fake weapons and kids freaking out seeing a Jedi Master in ugg boots"

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Empress in her City: Grapes and Goddesses

Our debut was ready and our aesthetic unmatched, and glorious

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