Dual wield Ranger - Belladonna

The dual wield ranger is the part of me that seeks adventure, the pink knight. Inspired by my great nerdy love for Arthurian legends and quest filled literature the knight is my classy side. However, adorned in ruffles and raunchy boutique this femininity has a bite. As curious as i am about the world, this writing voice springs from the quest of the heart, "Freedom". My words linger on the idea in my adventures, all while seeking out a world I often feel the need to protect others from. The knight is my old soul still on the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll find this guide swinging around my posts about my adventures in the city and more. 

Empress and Her City: Road to Quirkcon

I did end up meeting a lot of people and while I didn't toss my card like dollar bills out. I think the conversation held a lasting impression and gave me a light into the type of quirky nerd I want to be and experience. Finding inclusive spaces that allow you to express your love of something is important. Making a choice to attend Quirkcon was the right direction in that regard.

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Empress and Her City: Pusheen vs Diamondhead

Seeing Diamondhead, in all of its glory was surreal. This mountainous being was beautiful. I mean the coloring of the rocks, the depth of history etched into the chemical makeup of these rocks startled me. It makes me think about how our history is etched into the foundations of Earth.

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Empress and Her City: DC Web Fest 7

I never expected to be acknowledged for my efforts in/for Jadedisland. When the words "Jadedisland" were announced my heart just fluttered. It was me, it was my name, my work called. I was so startled that I sat there in disbelief. Until I was urged to go up and accept the Gold award for digital expression.

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Empress and Her City: Boston Art with Drinks

Boston, a transient city, filled with an extreme amount of progressive moments and statements, art, and churches every 5 steps. Where do I begin on telling you my experience in Boston as I visited my favorite Sagittarius and his new city? This trip was riddled in gin, art, and African American Heritage. I had a chance to do something big in February, and I’m glad I went. First, let me tell you about the Demon on Greyhound.

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Empress and Her City: A March for Black Women

My Reflections from the March for Black Women: “I encourage you to also reflect on how you handle Black Femmes who are emoting and processing trauma in your life, do you dismiss them or do you listen? “

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Empress in her City: Afrochumps and the Afropunk Exposure

TAG & Share. Call this a roast, helpful suggestions, or perhaps a lesson for a brand marketing as a beautiful inclusive community, but what I'm about to share uninhibited is my experience as a volunteer for Afropunk.

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Empress & her City: Snotgirl at Blerdcon

All things 2018 Blerdcon & the Jadedisland Experience. Tag cosplayers or artists if you recognize them so I can share the feature.

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Black 365: Blacker than ever July 4th

Remember in history class when we had to learn the constitution and Americas founding fathers? Remember when they glossed over the part of American history that really impacted people of color for many generations later?

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Empress in her City: Baltimore Block Party

The Baltimore heat. Heated with bodies, jerk chicken seasoning, and questionable lollipops. What a venture.

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Empress in her City: Capital Pride

This year there were definite differences in my experience that made Capital Pride feel lost. 

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Empress in her City: Casual Business at Awesome Con

"What I never expected, was how much social aggressiveness was needed to survive this whirlwind of people with gigantic fake weapons and kids freaking out seeing a Jedi Master in ugg boots"

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