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About Jade:

Greetings Magical Being, welcome to my island. My name is Jade and i’m the source of the writing created here. I write on a variety of topics under the inspiration of my multi-faceted nature. I write for dreamers, mental health awareness, fashion, art, poetry, and storytelling. I am a firm believer in self expression and being your true self. As you explore my island, as you hear the various voices from me you get closer to the compelling world of my Kawaii memoir.

Now me, as a person, as a magical girl, and as an artist i’m a “Jade of all Trades” and very much a wordsmith. I write for DC Kawaii Style, Adorned By Chi, and on Medium! I even have a web series featured here, that takes gritty fantasy as a powerful fiction story called “The Rest of Forever” . If thats not enough, you can follow along with my poetry, my fashion lifestyle and all things Pink energy fierce.

I’m also chatty: Contact me or Email: Jadedisland@gmail.com

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