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My name is Jade and Jadedisland is a full blog and service for storytelling, creative copy-editing and consultation. My goal is create a strong network of creatives and form meaningful relationships with that network.

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It’s more than a blog, its my living memoir. A collection of experiences, personal essays, my love of pop culture, adventures and my creative writing all in one! Explore first hand the perspectives from a black femme on mental health, navigating life, fashion, art, and community. Join my blog family and experience this world with me. The conversation with me begins by subscribing.

My writing is a conversation, “my pink energy versus the world”. Weekly updates in your email share my content, and offer my services at a discounted rate. As soon as tomorrow you can work with me, and tell the story you want.

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About Jadedisland


A couple of years ago, in an intro to illustration class, the professor gave me an assignment. He told the class to draw a map and get creative. Drawing a map, seems like a fun and an easy enough prompt for someone new to art, but what does a writer do in a visual arts class? Well, I choose to visualize and draw a map of the perceived image of self. I drew what i thought the inner workings of my mind looked like in the form of a treasure map. I felt that there were parts of me hidden away like treasure, and other parts that made me feel like my world was an island lost at sea. Jadedisland is the map to all things I encompass as an artist. Despite its obvious play on my name, Jadedisland became an idea and image that I felt represented me. The more I envisioned this place, the stronger my connection grew. This idea, this concept, and this place became a source of my imagination and various personas. The gem of my logo is symbolic both of my multifaceted presentations, mentality, skills and voice, but also to honor my mother’s choice in naming me after the gemstone, “Jade”. 

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Jadedisland Art by  @coffeecakey

Jadedisland Art by @coffeecakey

Greetings to every Magical Being that finds themselves on Jadedisland. I'm a Leo born and raised Maryland native who does her very best to live a magical girl life while being allergic to crabs. Its not always easy, and its not always pink but I appreciate all that life has contributed to my world. I claimed the term "Pink energy" in 2018 and built my haven "Jadedisland" in 2017. I've been writing since third grade. I wrote my first poem as dorky glasses wearing kid on an ended friendship with a best friend, which was funnily enough my first published piece. I graduated from Elmira College with a dual degree in English Literature and Psychology. Later to write for Art Institutions and non profit organizations. I love writing on mental health, fashion, quirky lifestyle, and nerd. You can catch me writing for DC Kawaii Style. I've contributed to publications for Babes of Color, Kei Club, and Adornedbychi. Later to win an award with DC Web Fest in 2019 for Digital Expression. Storytelling is my blood magic and I love every bit of what I created and hope you find some kinship in my magical world of persona, life, and art.